Classic and favorite flavors of the last century

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Russian Champagne «Крымское»

Champagne wines of this collection are distinguished by their noble light straw color, sparkling play of bubbles, light, delicate taste and aroma.
Each name has its own character and unique face.

Pleasant tones in perfect harmony with delicate taste will impress connoisseurs of champagne.

Exclusive Wines

The collection of wines “Крымское Эксклюзивное” stands out for its expressive and pleasant taste, good constitution and rich aroma.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay grown on their own grounds are ideal for creating a good, memorable wine, which was named so – Крымское Эксклюзивное. The collection includes Dry and Semi-sweet blended and varietal wines.

Exclusive nobility of taste and aroma

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Sparkling and delicate - created to delight

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Sparkling wine

Sparkling wines are distinguished by good foamy and sparkling qualities, delicate taste characteristics and fresh aroma.

Prepared by the acratophoric champagne method from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Cabernet, Merlot and Muscat varieties. The collection is presented in White, Pink and Red Semi-Sweet.

Introducing you

New for 2018

grape icn 17 - Кубанские вина

PGI wines

Rich Taste & Aroma

Our first wines with a protected geographical indication “Kuban. Krymsk” were published under the brand name “Крымское Эксклюзивное”

4 наименования Крсного и Белого вина ЗГУ – это подтверждение высокого качества нашей продукции и гарантия, что вино на 100% производится из винограда, произрастающего в нашем Крымском районе, винодельческом регионе «Кубань.Крымск»

Ice Wine

“Icewine” conquers lovers of sweet wines with its aroma and taste. Ice wine is created according to an old recipe for connoisseurs of fine and rare wines.

It has a complex taste, saturated with hints of pineapple and mango, with a pleasant enveloping honey aftertaste.

The limited edition of Ice Wine is due to the sophisticated technology and manual production method.

Refined fruity flavor and rich sweetness

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Expressive aroma and taste for a good mood

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Wine carbonated drinks

The original “Carnaval” cocktail line is ideal for creating a welcoming zone at events, for holding buffets, friendly parties and various parties.

“Carnaval” is a low-alcohol sparkling wine carbonated drinks based on natural wine with unique flavors.
Pleasant tones in perfect harmony with full taste will be appreciated by lovers of low-alcohol wine.

Natural wine drinks

Vermouth Crimean is one of the most popular products of our plant, thanks to its naturalness, rich aroma and harmonious taste.

For the production of vermouths, we use a herbal composition collected in the high mountains of the Caucasus at the foot of Mount Mashuk. A unique recipe of more than 10 herbs was created specifically for Crimean vermouths and assigned to our plant.

Great for an aperitif and chic cocktails

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Full-cycle production

We work on the principle of full-cycle production: berries harvested in our own vineyards go directly from the vine to processing.


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День города Крымска

Day of the city

Krymsk is 156 years old

By tradition, large enterprises of the city and the region have set up their expositions on the central street, near the park.


Film presentation

Crimean Wine Factory became an information partner of the studio’s pre-premiere screening «Документалист»

Информационный партнёр предпремьерного показа фильма


Stability & Quality

For more than 92 years, we have been producing natural wines from carefully grown grapes in the Crimean region and in the Krasnodar region. Time passes, and the wines made by the Krymsk Winery have always been and remain the classics of Russian winemaking.

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